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The 3 Reasons You Need To Move Your Home Office To a Coworking Space

Less Distractions

Let’s be real, working from home, whether you’re fully employed or just a student learning remotely, has been difficult for us all. Unfortunately, it can be hard to work in the same place that we are used to relaxing in. Even at our desks there are drawers and baskets we might find ourselves needlessly rifling through when we’re bored. Unnecessary visits to the kitchen, living room, or backyard can be distractors we wouldn’t even think to proactively prevent. In a coworking space, these distractions aren’t present, but you are still working in a comfortable environment.


Change of Atmosphere

It’s no secret that coworking spaces have a reputation for their positive atmosphere and environment. Many people who use them say they are worth it based on improved productivity alone. Like I mentioned earlier, it can be really hard to focus at home because you are used to using that space as a place to relax and destress. A coworking space can still offer that relaxed atmosphere that your home gives you while not dragging you to the unproductive side of that relaxation. Working under pressure is difficult for most people, and they find that coworking spaces are collaborative and refreshing spaces. Everyone is there to be productive just like you, however it’s not the competitive and stressful atmosphere of the traditional office that you were trying to avoid by working at home.

Dedicated Desk
Dedicated Desk

More Resources

Although working from home has proven to be a lot better for the mental and physical health of workers, there is still no doubt that a lack of office space can be restricting. Even students are struggling at home without the hands-on equipment they are used to using in their classrooms. Office workers that are used to whiteboards, filing cabinets, copiers, shredders, and printers are finding themselves in similar situations; it’s difficult to do your work when you don’t have all the tools to complete your work. LionShare Cowork has conference rooms and Zoom rooms available for meeting your team or a client in-person or online. They offer free coffee, adult beverages, and a break room with a fridge for your snacks. Many coworking spaces can offer resources to fill the gaps in your work process. Whether it’s a large stadium seating style lecture hall for a training class or the ability to reserve a Zoom room for your weekly conference calls, coworking spaces can offer you workspace options that can improve your quality of work that you have no way of getting at home.



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