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How to get the most value from a coworking space

In today's ever-evolving landscape of work and learning, coworking spaces emerge as beacons of innovation, collaboration, and growth. Known for their dynamic communities and adaptable environments, these spaces are potent venues for hosting educational workshops and training sessions. This blog explores the numerous benefits and practical strategies for utilizing coworking spaces to foster engaging and transformative educational experiences.

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Identifying Your Business's Unique Needs

Every business has its own unique challenges that must be ironed out if the business is to become a success. This section will pose a few questions for you to consider if you are considering running your business from a coworking space.

Here are a few things to consider...

Signing a Lease

Is a fixed location essential for your operations, or can the flexibility of a coworking space offer a more dynamic and cost-effective solution? Sometimes signing a commercial lease may not be the best business move.

Maintenance Costs of a Building

Beyond rent, consider the cumulative expenses of utilities, maintenance, and unexpected repairs. How do these compare to the all-inclusive pricing model of coworking spaces?

Evaluate the time and resources spent on managing your workspace. From facility upkeep to dealing with service outages, such as internet downtime, how much is this diverting your focus from core business activities? When you rent an office at LionShare Cowork, there is no need to stress about these things because we handle it all, you don't even need to worry about printing!

Your Meeting Environment Matters

If client meetings are integral to your business, the setting in which you host these interactions can significantly impact your professional image. Coworking spaces provide versatile, professional environments that can adapt to various meeting needs.

Team Collaboration and Meetings

Reflect on the frequency and nature of your team meetings. Coworking spaces offer flexible options for annual or quarterly gatherings, allowing businesses to grow their team without needing to lease a larger space that may only get utilized a fraction of the time.

Industry-Specific Requirements

Certain industries might traditionally require a brick-and-mortar presence in order to keep their state or local licenses valid. Consider whether a coworking space can satisfy these requirements, offering a professional facade without the long-term lease commitments.

Training and Development Needs

If your business conducts annual training sessions or teaches in-person classes, the adaptability of coworking spaces can accommodate these educational activities, often with options for customizable setups to match your training format.

Coworking spaces stand as a testament to the modern work ethos, offering unparalleled flexibility and resources. They cater to a broad spectrum of business activities, from individual tasks to collective engagements such as workshops, classes, and large meetings. This adaptability ensures that regardless of your business's evolving needs, coworking spaces can provide a suitable and efficient environment. By critically assessing these aspects of your operation, you can determine how a coworking space might not just meet but exceed the limitations of traditional office settings, fostering growth and innovation within your team and business model.

Leveraging Infrastructure and Technology

The logistical and financial overhead of managing a traditional office space is substantial and often underestimated. Consider the myriad of expenses and responsibilities that come with it:

Space Design and Buildouts

Customizing an office to fit your needs involves significant upfront costs, from construction to interior design. Coworking spaces offer a variety of pre-configured layouts that cater to different work styles and team sizes, eliminating the need for expensive buildouts.

Furnishings and Equipment

The cost of furnishing an office space—from ergonomic chairs to conference tables—adds up quickly. Coworking spaces are fully equipped with high-quality, modern furniture and the latest technology, providing a comfortable and productive environment without the initial investment.

Internet and IT Infrastructure

High-speed commercial internet and robust IT support that keeps the network your business relies on up and running at all times are critical, but come at a premium. Coworking spaces include these services, offering reliable connectivity and technical support to resolve any issues promptly. What happens when your internet goes out at home? You hotspot from your phone and hope its enough? Well at LionShare Cowork you likely wouldn't even know the internet went out because our automatic backup system would kick in.

Facility Maintenance

Daily maintenance, restroom cleanliness, and compliance with building fire codes are ongoing concerns. Coworking spaces maintain all aspects of the facility, ensuring a safe, clean, and compliant workspace.

At LionShare Cowork, we understand the intricacies and hidden costs of maintaining a traditional office. By choosing a coworking space, you're not just acquiring square footage; you're gaining access to a fully managed, state-of-the-art workplace. This arrangement frees you to concentrate on what matters most—growing your business—while we take care of the rest. From seamless technology integration to flexible space options, we ensure that your operational needs are met without the burdens of traditional office management.

Smart Product Bundling to Minimize Expenses

Its Simple...

Virtual Office + Meeting Rooms on Demand + Day passes when you need actually need to be in a physical office = Super Low Overhead!

In the modern business landscape, agility and financial efficiency are paramount. Coworking spaces offer a unique solution through smart bundling of services that cater to diverse business needs, dramatically reducing overhead costs. The synergy of Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms on Demand, and Day Passes creates a flexible, cost-effective workspace ecosystem.

Virtual Offices: Establishing Your Business Presence

A virtual office provides more than just a prestigious address; it's a strategic tool for establishing your business presence. Without the need for a traditional lease, businesses gain:

  • Credibility with Lenders and Partners: A reputable business address enhances your standing with financial institutions and potential partners.

  • Professionalism: Avoid using a home address for business correspondence, lending professionalism to your operations.

  • Online Visibility: An official address improves your Google Maps presence, making it easier for clients to find and trust your business.

  • A Base of Operations: Even without a physical space for daily operations, a virtual office serves as your business's home, supporting mail handling and other essential services.

Meeting Rooms on Demand: Flexible Collaboration Spaces

The ability to book meeting rooms as needed transforms how businesses conduct their operations, from small meetings to large corporate events. LionShare Cowork offers a variety of spaces for:

  • Training and Workshops: Utilize our equipped auditorium for company-wide events, ensuring a productive learning environment.

  • Private Meetings: Conduct interviews or one-on-one sessions in our dedicated Zoom Rooms, offering privacy and high-quality video conferencing.

  • Client Engagements: From real estate closings in our intimate spaces to signing important documents, project planning in our boardrooms, our meeting rooms adapt to your specific needs.

Day Passes: The Ultimate Flexibility for Remote Work

Day passes cater to the evolving needs of remote workers and digital nomads, providing a professional environment on an as-needed basis. They are ideal for:

  • Enhancing Productivity: When home distractions prove too much, or you require reliable internet for important tasks and calls.

  • Professional Engagements: A quiet, well-equipped space for uninterrupted work or lengthy virtual meetings.

  • A Change of Scenery: Combatting the monotony of home offices with a stimulating, collaborative environment.

Dedicated Office Space for Compliance and Brand Presence

For businesses that require a physical location for regulatory compliance or to maintain a brand presence, coworking spaces offer customizable office solutions. These spaces are essential for:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Real Estate firms and other regulated industries can maintain compliance with local laws and regulations.

  • Brand Visibility: A physical office in a coworking space allows for signage and a tangible presence, reinforcing brand identity.

Businesses frequently utilize a combination of these services and find that they are able to run their business profitably and minimize risk. Gone are the days of using your home address as your business address and meeting with clients in crowded and often noisy coffee shops with no privacy. A virtual office gives you the presence you need to attract the clients and renting a meeting room in a modern coworking space like LionShare Cowork will give you a professional environment to meet those clients in. If you need something a bit more, you can rent an office.

Summing it Up: Getting the Full Value from Your Coworking Space

To best utilize a coworking space, it's essential to understand the range of services it offers and how these align with your business's specific needs. By making this comparison, the advantages become clear: enhanced flexibility, reduced overhead, and access to a community that fosters innovation and growth. Coworking spaces like LionShare Cowork excel in providing a diversified suite of services, from virtual offices that lend credibility and presence, to modular meeting rooms designed for everything from client pitches to collaborative brainstorming sessions, and even day passes for those seeking a productive escape from the home office.

This strategic alignment between what coworking spaces provide and what businesses require in today's fast-paced market landscape is not just about finding a place to work; it's about joining an ecosystem that supports your business's growth trajectory. Coworking spaces are not merely physical locations but dynamic environments that adapt to the evolving needs of their occupants, offering technological, logistical, and operational support that traditional office spaces cannot match. As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace, the role of coworking spaces as partners in innovation and success becomes increasingly evident, showcasing their critical value in the contemporary business paradigm.



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