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Connect Globally, Operate Locally with Our Business Address Solutions

Go Virtual With a Premium Address for Your Business

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Why Get a Virtual Office?

Professionalism & Credibility

Any perceived lapse in professionalism, no matter how small, may lead a potential client to explore alternative options. This underscores the significance of virtual offices in enhancing the professional image of your business. How much money have you lost operating your business out of a coffee shop?

Privacy & Security

Do you want a customer to show up at your home uninvited? Do you post your home address on social media sites? This is what may happen if you register your business with your residential address. The moment you register your business and it’s address with any state it becomes a public record.

Fundability & Legitimacy

If a client, future employee, or bank googles your business address, what will they learn? Your business operates out of your home or a Mailbox store? These are red flags when trying to open a bank account, a line of credit, gain a new prospective client or employee or apply for a business license. 

Compliancy & Flexibility

HOA’s seem to always look for ways to fine people, testing HIPAA laws can be expensive, and it seems everyone is lawsuit happy these days. A Virtual Office membership can protect you personally, maintain compliancy and protect you from losing your home in a business lawsuit. 


Our Virtual Office Plans

Lionshare Cowork Virtual Office Basic

Virtual Office Basic

A Premium Unique Business Address for One (1) Business

Secure Mail & Package Reception

Weekly Mail Forwarding Upon Request (Postage Not Included)

Lobby Signage and Business Card Listing

Weekday Local Pickup Access

Lionshare Cowork Virtual Office Premium

Virtual Office Premium

(includes All Basic Services)

A Premium Unique Business Address for Three (3) Businesses

Access to Mail Receptionist for Inquiries

Email Notifications of Deliveries

GMB & Business Location Map Assistance

Free Notary Services


Additional Services Post-Checkout

Dropbox Secure Mail Scanning

$25/mo. Per Business Entity

Don’t want to pick up your mail or pay the ever-increasing postage rates to have your mail forwarded? Sign up for a DropBox account and share a link with us. We will open and scan all mail received and upload it to your personally owned Dropbox account. Then monthly you can either pick it up at LionShare, have it shipped to you (postage not included) or just have us shred and recycle it.  

Registered Agent Services

$99/yr Per Business Entity

Florida law requires all corporations, LLCs, and nonprofits to have a registered agent.  A "registered agent" (or RA) is designated by a business to receive official legal documents, such as lawsuit papers, subpoenas, and other legal notices. A trustee of LionShare Cowork will be assigned to be your registered agent (RA).

Credit Bureau Reporting

(Coming Soon)

As a LionShare Cowork Virtual Office Member, we can help you establish positive business credit. Once you register for a mailing address with us, after your first 30 days as a monthly customer, you can request that we report directly to the credit bureaus every quarter. This will help establish positive business credit and give you growth opportunities. 

Our Virtual Office memberships offer more than just an address. We provide exclusive office spaces, meeting rooms, and coworking areas, unlike UPS stores or P.O. Boxes. We ensure that your business maintains a professional image while safeguarding your privacy and credibility.

Go Virtual with a Premium Address for your Business

How It Works

Step 1: Pick a Plan and Purchase

Choose a plan that fits your business needs and budget. Purchase a yearly plan for huge savings!

Step 2: Complete Your Postal Form

After checkout, you will receive an email from LionShare Concierge, with a 1583 Federal Postal form (allows us to receive mail legally on your behalf), instructions on how to fill it out and where to email it.

Step 3: Your New Address Is Ready!

Once your documents are approved by our Concierge team, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your ready-to-use unique, formal, virtual business address.  Login to our portal to add on any extras!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many businesses can I have under my Virtual Office membership?

At LionShare Cowork, we understand that many entrepreneurs are managing multiple businesses. With our Virtual Office Basic Membership, you can have up to 1 businesses registration under the same membership, but have multiple members, as long as they are on your 1583 postal form. Our Virtual Office Premium Membership allows up to 3 business registrations and or DBA's.

How much does it cost to have my mail forwarded with a Virtual Office plan?

You can control the cost by sending us a prepaid shipping label, or by default we will send your mail or package via USPS. When requesting forwarding please request the class of service required. First Class, 2-Day or Overnight.  Rates  are determined by size and weight.

Can I use my Virtual Business address on Google My Business (GMB)?

Here are Googles rules for using a Virtual Office membership for GMB purposes;  Listings on Google My Business can only be created for businesses that either have a physical location that customers can visit, or that travel to visit customers where they are.  Service-area businesses can’t list a ‘virtual’ office unless that office is staffed during opening hours.  We allow all of our Premium Virtual Office clients to add conference room access to their accounts on a as needed basis, at an additional cost to meet with clients. Also our office is staffed by a professional concierge service and can handle clients that do not have an appointment.  We also provide digital signage in our lobby  to all of our  Premium Virtual Office clients.

What services deliver to your address? Can I get personally delivered items or Amazon deliveries?

We accept all carriers, USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, even Amazon deliveries. (But please nothing that requires refrigeration). Our concierge will also take courier or personally delivered items, like packages or even rent checks.  We will ask the person to sign/date/time each item.  Put an end to your packages being swiped from your porch or late "mailed" rent checks!  

When I sign up for a Virtual Office Membership, how long does it take for me to be assigned a physical address?

The moment the plan is paid for, the process begins. The first step, you must complete the US Postal 1593 form. This gives us the legal ability to sign and receive your mail via federal regulations. The form must be submitted with two forms of ID and be notorized. We do have a resident notary if you need one. Once we have a completed form, we will issue you your mailbox number.  So, you can get your address as fast as you get us the 1583 form back! 

How many mail items can I receive a month with a Virtual Office plan?

We do not have a limit on the amount of mail pieces received.  However, packages and boxes not picked up within 30 days, a storage fee of $5.00 per item for the first month and a $1.00 per day thereafter will be charged to your account.  

About LionShare

LionShare Cowork is a 14,000 sq ft Coworking Space located at 13475 Atlantic Blvd Unit 8 in Jacksonville, Florida. Our space offers Monthly Office Rentals, Virtual Offices, Day Passes, and Meeting Rooms. If you or your company is in the Jacksonville area and needs a place to call home or just to meet up, Lionshare Cowork is your go-to place.

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