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The New Normal is Hybrid Workspace

The world has changed.

Even though we are on the precipice of going back to normal, there will be changes on how the masses go back to work which will create a new normal. Most companies are trying to determine new best practices for housing their employees.

Disasters like this pandemic have companies scurrying to determine how to keep their company’s afloat without losing a trained workforce. Stacking as many employees into a single workspace will no longer be commonplace. Splitting up a workforce across a city, state or nation will become a necessity and for some organizations a priority.

Many businesses have spent countless amounts of money recruiting and training their employees, just to lose them as they will not feel comfortable working from their old office. Their will be plenty of studies and new data of whether or not employees are productive enough working from home after the new normal is established.

Remote employees housed by coworking spaces became a trend for small to midsize companies. This trend allowed companies to lower overhead costs per employee and to expand their recruiting efforts finding talent beyond their local communities. Long term leases for office space will become a thing of the past unless there is a rent abatement clause for a crisis that the world is dealing with today.

LionShare Cowork offers WaaS (Workspace as a Service) month to month memberships designed to satisfy the work space needs of remote employees and small businesses. Whether you need an office with 24-hour access, a suite for a team, a dedicated monthly desk, or a shared desk for a few days a month, we have a solution for you. Even if you need to rent a boardroom for a few hours to conduct interviews or train a sales force of 50+, we can provide you the space you need.

LionShare Cowork is a locally owned small business that takes pride in providing a professional work space with all the amenities of typical offices without the long term lease commitment. We have office space suitable for the solopreneurs, or suites for a team of six. Our multiple sizes of meeting rooms are perfect for depositions, closings, training, networking events, pitches, interviews and consultations. We also have small breakout rooms for that private phone call, webinar, zoom meeting and even podcasts.

We are ready to provide you with a WaaS solution and are prepared to offer it under the new normal conditions of the So, before you renew that office lease or call all of your employees back in, take a look at what we have to offer.

Our shared desk memberships are renewable monthly and can be cancelled without notice. Our office space is month to month with no deposit and can be cancelled with a 30-day notice. Our meeting space can be reserved and cancelled within 72 hours of the meeting being held for a full refund. All memberships include Gigabit WiFi or wired internet, free coffee, assorted beverages, and access to our kitchen.

So, while you hash out your disaster recovery plan, ask yourself, “Does it make sense to put all of my eggs in one basket?” Let us know how LionShare Cowork can help you and your business get through this unique time in history. #hybridworkforce #hybridworkers #hybridworkplace



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