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Small Business Vs. Goliath

In today's world, where corporate giants seem to dominate every industry, it can be challenging for small businesses to compete. However, with the advent of the internet and social media, small businesses have an opportunity to level the playing field. One way they can do this is by focusing on getting more five-star reviews than their corporate competitors.

Five-star reviews are a critical component of any business's online presence. They are a testament to the quality of a company's products or services and can make or break a business's reputation. For small businesses, in particular, they can be the key to attracting new customers and building a loyal customer base.

small businesses in jacksonville

We are a locally owned small business that has to fight some of the Goliaths in the industry that have huge marketing budgets. They make placing ads for our business unaffordable, they have an army of content marketing and SEO folks, and are constantly trying to bury our web search listings to the second page. We combat these billion dollar corporations by enlisting our customers to leave reviews. Most people are unaware that reviews carry a large weight in search engines in pushing our listings to the top.

For the next 3 months we are enlisting our army of LionShare members to leave us a review across multiple platforms. Each month we will pick a review and grant them a special gift. This months winner is Richard Wall. Thank you Richard for the review, we appreciate your business and are proud to have you as a distinguished member of our community!

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How to get in the game! Please leave us a 5 Star glorious review on any of the platforms below. If your name is drawn, contact our LionShare Cowork concierge for your prize!


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