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Remote Workers Need an Outlet?

LionShare Cowork, has brought the sense of community back into remote workers lives. Water cooler chats, lunch dates with new friends and a comfortable productive workspace that inspires you to get work done. Although working from home offers many benefits such as zero commuting time, increased flexibility and autonomy, it also has its challenges. One of the major challenges that remote workers face is the difficulty in separating work from their personal lives and enjoying healthy hobbies.

Without a coworking membership, remote workers do not have a physical separation between their workspace and their living space. This means that it can be challenging to mentally switch off from work and shift into leisure time. Additionally, remote workers may have to use the same computer and workspace for both work and personal use, which can further blur the lines between work and leisure time.

Another reason is the increased pressure to be constantly available and responsive. This can lead to an expectation that remote workers are available to respond to work-related communication at all times, including outside of normal working hours. This can make it difficult for remote workers to switch off from work and enjoy a balanced life.

Jax Fray adult sports league in jacksonville

One of our newest clients may have the solution to adding more balance to your work life! Our new friends at JAX Fray are using our space to plan their upcoming Spring and Summer leagues and events.

"At JAX Fray, we are all about making fun possible. From Sports Leagues and Bar Sports to game nights and monthly events, we make fun possible in Jacksonville! Current leagues include: Cornhole, Flag Football, Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Softball, Pickleball, Darts, Skeeball and more!" said Garret Callis the City Commissioner for JAX Fray.

Recreational sports leagues, tournaments, & pick-up games are the backbone of JAX Fray. Whether you’re a free agent looking for a team or a captain already in charge, check out Jax Fray. From adventure-seekers to food lovers, everyone is welcome. Make the most of your free time, right now. Who's up for a LionShare Cowork Skeeball or Pickleball team?!?!

Join the #FrayLife and start living your best balanced work/life. Ask your LionShare Cowork Concierge for an intro or reach out to Garrett in the links below and make sure you mention you are a LionShare Cowork member!

Jax Fray Adult Sports League Logo

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