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LionShare Cowork has optimal meeting and office space for Attorneys in Jacksonville.

It would appear lawyers are growing past the idea of the large corner office. A major trend in law firm office space is downsizing. Smaller office sizes allow firms to reduce their rent and focus more resources toward creating a more flexible, amenity-rich work space — something industry leaders believe appeals to young professionals. Lower operational costs and the ability to standardize all furniture in the works pace also becomes easier when square footage is reduced.

Firms aren’t simply reducing the sizes of their offices — they’re moving to new ones, too. Shared coworking spaces are fulfilling the need for reduced space and amenity-rich environments. Despite what appears to be a less committal trend in office space, lease terms and length aren’t predicted to change, making it clear that the trend isn’t just a phase.

For those beginning their practice, Coworking serves as a gateway to establishing credibility and rapport. They attract various people open to collaborating and sharing resources. There’s an increased likelihood of creating meaningful connections, these same people are more confident hiring an attorney within the space. Whether it serves as a long-term solution or a “pop-up” spot for clients, Coworking spaces offer many amenities and services that are ideal for those practicing law.

One of the greatest advantages of shared work spaces is their financial accessibility. If you’re an attorney who wants to work in a professional work space some of the time, but not often enough to justify the expense of a full-time office, we have a membership that will tailor to your needs. LionShare Cowork is typically more affordable than traditional office space and membership includes a long list of amenities you would pay for individually, otherwise.

We understand your clients want convenience. That’s why law firms open second offices or rent meeting space by the hour in locations that are more accessible to clients, especially those who commute for work. Our conference room rentals are perfect for attorneys who have trouble getting an available conference room in their own firm or need a deposition conference room rental.

Common Examples of Attorneys using LionShare Cowork.

  • Mediation Meetings: Clients can be separated or together in our shared office space.

  • Audio/Video Depositions: A neutral location, BYOS (Bring Your Own Stenographer)

  • Trial/Argument practice: Arrange our Learning studio into a practice court room.

  • Document Review: Use our boardroom to get all your document ducks in a row.

  • Large space for class action research capabilities: Short- or Long-Term usage is available

  • Wills/Contracts Meetings: Meet all parties in our centralized location.

  • Print/Copy/Scan: We have a printer/scanner/copier available to all members.

  • Client Meetings: Get your law practice out of a coffee shop and into a professional space. Do you really want your clients to know where you live?

Our New Attorney Membership Package allows you to try out our space with little to no commitment. Our $500/mo. package you receive (4) Four Full Days of Executive Office reservation credits and (10) Ten hours of meeting room credits. Come in today for a tour!

Contact us Today...Limited Space Available...

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