You only get one chance to Make a good First Impression of your business 

      Despite your best intentions and the earnest convenience and practicality of it, some people may pass judgment on being asked to meet at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, your client’s opinion of your work and business can be dictated by your professional choice of a a meeting location. Their attention can be diverted by the blenders howling, the children throwing spoons, or potentially another client or competitor across the room. There is nothing wrong with physically working from a coffee shop everyday. However, parts of your business and transactions are better discussed in private, and that shouldn’t and can’t be happening at your local coffee joint.

  • Look around the coffee shop or in your own bag, you are proud of your noise cancelling headphones. You wear them to specifically squelch the conversations being made around you. Do you think pitching an idea to a client while trying to speak over someone who is trying to describe his rash to a doctor is professional? 

  • Talking financials and legalities surrounded by curious strangers should never feel safe. In a public setting a client may not want to share all the details of their business, which may make your job a lot more difficult.

  • Most business ideas that are drawn out on a napkin die hard and fast. Most successful business ideas start in a "war room", which are full of whiteboards, tv displays, comfortable seating, great lighting and tons of free coffee. 

  • You hold business meetings in your building because it looks and feels more official. It demands commitment and action - not only because this is the norm - hosting a discussion on your premises gives you a bit of a psychological advantage. Control of your surroundings provides confidence in your pitch to the client.

  • In an ideal world, having the budget set aside for your own meeting place would be a top priority. It’s the best option to avoid all the public-space issues mentioned above, but it’s not financially possible for all types of business to commit to it. Access to a coworking space like LionShare Cowork is a necessity for every business.  If your business cannot afford $12 bucks a day, you probably should not be spending money on premium coffee in a coffee shop.

If you choose a private, professional meeting room with blistering fast WiFi, whiteboards, TV displays, clean bathrooms, tons of power outlets, printer access and FREE coffee, a potential client will never walk a way and say, "I don't think this company can handle our business".  LionShare Cowork has tons of meeting spaces available by the hour or day.

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