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Most normal office meetings take place in a company’s conference room or onsite event space. But occasionally, a meeting is scheduled for a special purpose, includes employees from multiple locations, or those that work from home. Managers can use offsite meetings in a variety of ways to benefit the company and the employees who work for it.

A simple change of location can result in a huge boost in productivity. When all your meetings are held in your “home” office, employees are faced with the distractions of being so close to their desks. It’s far too easy to get distracted when your phone and computer are close by. There are typically fewer distractions in offsite meeting rooms, which allows everyone to focus on the issues at hand and tackle the meeting agenda in an efficient way.

Employee engagement is very important for managers to keep in mind, and occasional offsite meetings can help with this. Many of today’s modern companies employ remote employees who work from home or in satellite offices. Offsite meetings can bring everyone together in a mutually convenient space and help employees connect in-person. If your employees will need to travel for the offsite meeting, you may also want to research good lunch options in the area or happy hour bars nearby. LionShare Cowork can offer recommendations to ease your planning burden.

It’s a fairly common understanding that sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to step away from it for a bit and come back to it with a fresh mind. You may be surprised how much this applies to getting the whole team together in a new environment! LionShare Cowork offers meeting spaces that can facilitate creative thinking by simply bringing people out of their comfort zones and the monotony of their typical day-to-day.

While you’re still getting together for the sake of business, your team is likely to see an off-site meeting as a mini retreat, especially when it’s a fun space. Most people love days where they can get out of the office, and they often result in your team coming back to the office refreshed and ready to get to work on the ideas facilitated by the brief but fun getaway. LionShare Cowork offers meeting rooms reserved by the hour, daily and weekly. We have three (3) unique rooms that can handle from 10-50 participants. We encourage and allow outside food caterers and restaurants to supply your meetings with munchies. We can provide a list of local vendors or you can select your own. Our facilities are bright, clean and promote creativity. Each room has several whiteboards and TVs to brainstorm ideas and present agendas.

Contact to reserve your next offsite meeting space.

Our Meeting Room Pricing ranges from $40.00/hr. to $320.00/day

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