Becoming Office Fit ep. 002

Water Guilt.

We all try our very best to drink the recommended amount of water every day...or at least, that is what we try to convince ourselves that's what we are doing. Don't worry, I do it too. However, lately, I have been really successful in hitting my water intake goal. This blog is all about the hacking skills that I have mastered to give my body exactly what it needs to be productive and feeling great!

It is no secret that the optimal amount of water you are supposed to consume a day is between 1/2 oz to 1 oz of water for each pound. Let's say you weight 150lbs. That means you need to drink between 75-150oz of water. How intimidating is that?! The answer: VERY. Rest assured, it doesn't have to be. I have found that it is actually very obtainable to consume that recommended water intake before dinner time!

Hack #1: Find a Good Sized Refillable Bottle. There is nothing more intimidating than lugging around a gallon of water with hourly ticker marks on it saying "consume this much by 12, 3, 6 etc." It is heavy, can easily spill (especially if your a clumsy like me), and bulky to carry about. I hated carrying a gallon jug around with me so I did some research. I found my Rove bottle at Amazon. This one is 50oz and also comes with an infuser so I could add fruit or ice cubes to it. All I have to do is just fill it up twice, maybe three times if I am feeling up for a challenge, and VOILA I have hit my goal. Mentally, it is easier to accomplish drinking a smaller bottle because your mind registers it is a little win each time you finish a bottle. #winning

Hack #2: Add Flavor to Your Water! Don't forget that there are PLENTY of options for you to choose from when it comes to the flavor department. A few of my favorites are made by Chrystal Light. Low calories. No artificial sweeteners. Best place to buy it in bulk guessed it...AMAZON! You will be amazed at how much water you consume by adding just a little bit of flavor.

Hack #3: Chase Your Coffee. I'm dead serious. Chase your coffee drink and every other non-water beverage like you do your tequila shot at your favorite bar. This will help dilute and flush out all the extra sugars, caffeine, preservatives etc.

Hack #4: Eat Foods with a High Water Content. If you are a snacker, like me, this hack will be your best friend. I make sure I pack snack baggies with cucumbers, celery, lettuce (any kind), watermelon, well any kind of melon really, and those bad boys come to work with me. The crunchier the snack the better. Not only does it keep the mouth busy, but it also helps with that water consumption goal. Plus it is also GUILT FREE.

Hack #5: Set a Goal, Keep Track, and Smash It. Whatever way you find it best to remind yourself and/or your consumption, Just Do It. There are plenty of apps out there that can help remind you to drink your water like Waterlogged, MyFitnessPal, or Water Alert. They all come in handy. Especially if you have a smart watch. Those cute little dings will subtly remind and not annoy you that it's time to drink.

I can talk all day about how important it is for you to consume the right amount of water for your body, but most of you won't ever read this whole blog, and that is okay. Don't worry I don't think I take it personally, but that is why I chose my Top 5 Hacks. Maybe next time I will talk about the benefits of drinking said water. Well, sounds like a date. Until next time, how will you stay hydrated?

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