4 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference in Your Business This Fall

Fall is always an interesting time of year. Families get back to a routine with children going back to school, nature changes its colors, and there seems to be a sense of refocus. People re-evaluate their resolutions pushing to accomplish all they set out to do before year-end. 

What about you? How are your business goals coming along? Are you on task to accomplish your 2019 goals? Here are 4 little changes you can make to ensure you end the year strong and don’t have any end-of-the-year regrets on unfulfilled promises. 

1. Say Thank You

Ever do something nice for someone and you never receive a simple thank you? It leaves us feeling empty, often confused, and not really wanting to do anything nice again. Make sure never to leave your clients feeling this way. 

It’s amazing how far a simple thank you can go. So, shout it from the mountain tops - oh wait, we don’t really have mountains in Florida - or how about just a simple phone call or email. Thank them for their commitment to you and their business. 

Thank you - something so simple and quick, yet so effective!

2. Focus on the Outcome, Not the Benefits

People buy based on the outcome you provide, not your features and benefits. It’s all about how you can make them feel. For example, consumers don’t buy Nike because they sell stylish sports apparel. Consumers buy Nike because it makes them feel popular, or a sense of belonging. So, Nike doesn’t actually sell sports apparel, they sell a lifestyle - that’s the outcome! 

What is your outcome? Focus on that for the remainder of the year in your messaging and you’ll be sure to capture some end of the year business.

3. Find Your Go-To Podcast

With over 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes, I am confident you can find one that will challenge you, charm you, and maybe even change you! Podcasts are full of free advice that you can use in your personal life and business profession in order to make a difference!

I encourage you to find one that is your go-to. One that you can listen to on your morning commute or quietly in your AirPods as you sit at your desk during work. This will be sure to help you power through fall. 

4. Be Authentically, You

Through it all, always stay true to who you are. Afterall, almost all business is “people business.” Your clients and partners will thank you for it and in turn, give you more business because they WANT to support YOU.  

BONUS: Celebrate the Small Wins

Fall into celebration...no matter how small the win! (See what I did there?) :-)

Big wins, contracts, and clients often don’t come around that often. So, celebrate the small wins and small changes every day. These add to a BIG DIFFERENCE! 

So, what do you say? Let’s do it! Start your fall out right, and end the year strong with only fulfilled promises!

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