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The residential and commercial real estate game in Jacksonville, Florida, has become highly competitive. Agents are finding it harder and harder to find the privacy and space to meet clients and to be open about their book of business. Agents are primarily on the road meeting clients, showing properties or at closings. Some agents must pay a fee or rent to work within their Brokers office. This office might be completely on the other side of town from the property you are showing or areas you are marketing. When a face to face with a high-profile client is extremely important and needs to remain confidential, sitting in a coffee shop next to someone that is slurping their coffee is not ideal or professional.

LionShare Cowork has become a hot spot for client meetings, offices and dedicated space for those in the real estate industry. We provide a clean and professional space as wells as the privacy your business needs to impress your clients while lowering your overhead. Our location on Beach and San Pablo is ideal for agents marketing properties between the Southside corridor and Beach communities. We offer hourly rentals of our Class A meeting rooms, monthly memberships for access to our dedicated and shared desk space as

well as virtual office memberships for those that need a work address other than their homes. Maybe there is a group of agents looking for a private office to share. Long-term leases, deposits and management of utilities can deter you from this. Our offices do not require a deposit, they come fully furnished, include all utilities plus smoking fast always on internet access.

We know that real estate is all about networking, and Coworking spaces provide a place where you can do just that. The best part is, it tends to happen organically as you get to know the people you’re working around. When you develop relationships with your fellow coworkers, you’re also expanding your own sphere of influence. LionShare Cowork is the perfect solution for agents who want a work space with tons of flexibility.

Attention Commercial Agents!!!

During your prospecting efforts, you’ll no doubt run into potential clients who seem to be on the verge of doing something really, really, great, but just aren’t ready for your services. The last thing you want is to take a risk on a small company, spend hours building a relationship, hunting for small spaces and negotiating short-term leases, only for that client to go out of business weeks later. By referring a client that’s not yet ready for their own lease, to a Coworking space like LionShare Cowork, you will prove your integrity as a broker to the client by doing the right thing, plus you’ll have a reason to continue checking in every few months without having to do much legwork.

LionShare Cowork offers cash rewards to any of those who join our referral program.

Frequent Realtor Uses of LionShare Cowork:

  • Client Meetings & Presentations

  • Closings & Contract Meetings

  • Networking Functions

  • Daily/Monthly Office and Desk Memberships

  • Agent/Team Offsite Meetings

  • Agent Training

Sign up for our virtual office solution and Join the Pride!

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