Commercial Real Estate Agent Open House @LionShare Cowork

Are the little fish taking up too much of your valuable time? Is inventory an issue? Are your clients looking for an ultra short term solution? We want any of your fish that can swim!

We at LionShare Cowork are calling upon all Commercial Agents and Brokers in Jacksonville to come on by for a tour. We will be happy to explain our various membership, desk, office and meeting space options with you. Or if you prefer a private showing or schedule a personal open house for all of your agents, please contact us and we will be open to scheduling a "lunch & learn".

Beginning @4:00pm on 5/24/17 and every Wednesday through the month of June we cordially invite any agent wanting to stop by for a tour of our space. Refreshments will be served.

We are still in the process of creating a referral compensation program and would love your feedback.

Check out our website for more membership information.

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