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Never Loose A Package Again

Secure and convenient package delivery location

at your local coworking space.

Its never a good feeling to get home and the package amazon said was delivered has been swiped from your front porch. We have a solution for this! If you are not a monthly Virtual Office address member at LionShare Cowork, we now offer a Package Redirect Service. For $10 a month, we will accept packages at your request. Once we receive a package for you, we will send you a text and email to let you know it has arrived. Your package will be stored securely and can be picked up at your convenience during our weekday hours.

Introducing the Package Redirect Service. 

How it works

Step 1:

Sign Up For Our Service

Step 2:

Get Registered

Step 3:

Have Your Packages Delivered Securely

Tell be about the Benefits!

Staffed Location: Our coworking space is staffed during our posted business hours, ensuring that there is always someone available to monitor the arrival and storage of packages.

Temperature Controlled: For sensitive items, our storage area maintains a stable temperature and humidity level to protect against damage.

Immediate Alerts: Customers receive an email and text message with a photo of their package as soon as it arrives. This includes the delivery time and the name of the person who received it.


Secure Pickup Process: PIN Code verification and signature requirements ensure that packages are handed over only to the rightful owner.

Get Started Today!

Say goodbye to missed deliveries and stolen packages. With our secure, staffed location and real-time photo notifications, you can trust that your packages are in safe hands. Sign up today and never worry about your deliveries again!

Note* this is not for regular USPS mail, or a business registration, this is only for packages which you redirect to us by using an address we assign.

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