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Stop Giving Out Your Home Address

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Virtual Office Membership

Did you know when you register your business in Florida, the address you use, becomes public record?

What happens when your client shows up to your home office or your PO Box or shipping store business address looking for your businees?

Are you looking to expand your business or hire in the Jacksonville, Florida market?

This means if your customers, vendors or competitors do a simple lookup on they know exactly where you live. That is not only unsafe, kinda creepy, but also unprofessional. It also exposes your personal information, making you susceptible to unsolicited marketing, identity theft, and potential security risks. Opting for a virtual office address helps maintain your privacy, as it keeps your home address separate from your business dealings. 

A virtual office address at LionShare Cowork provides a more polished and professional image for your business. Clients, partners, and vendors are more likely to trust a business that operates from a Coworking space rather than the above alternative. This can enhance your credibility and potentially attract more opportunities as well as, provide the professional image your business deserves.

Expanding your business to a new market is both exciting and challenging. One of the hurdles is establishing a local presence that instills confidence in your potential customers and partners. LionShare Cowork helps you overcome this challenge by offering virtual office memberships that allow you to establish a local office address in a new market. This address not only serves as a point of contact for customers but also aids in recruiting local talent. It showcases your commitment to the new market and facilitates the growth of your business in that region while providing an awesome workplace for your future employees!

Packages & Plans


Virtual Office Basic

A Professional Business Address

Single Business Registration Only

Mail and Package Reception

(No Personal Drop Offs Accepted)

Local Pickup Only

Digital Signage Posted in Lobby

Perfect for those who just don't want to share your home address. 


Virtual Office Premium

An Individual Business Address For Up to 4 Business Registrations

Mail and Package Reception All Carriers + Client Drop Off

Mail & Package Forwarding, You Just Pay Postage

Ability to Use The Address Digitally for GMB, Bing, Yelp etc

Digital Signage Posted in Lobby

Ideal for companies expanding into the Jax market, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Financial Advisors.


Business Office Resident

Includes All Premium Plan Services

Plus Physical Space For Office Hours


4 WorkDen Day Passes/mo.
4 Cub Meeting Room Hours/mo.

Registered Agent Services

Business Sales Tax Address Eligible

This Plan has a 1 Year Contract

This plan is inteded for a company that looks to work from the space part time and offer office hours weekly to their clients.

Yearly Discounts Available at Checkout

Virtual Office Memberships

After Purchase...

Step 1: Fill Out Form

We will send you a US Postal form 1583,  Complete it the best you can.  This form allows us to legally collect mail on your behalf, as well as sign for packages.  Once completed. Email it to

Step 2 Identification

You will need to provide 2 forms of ID, snap a picture or scan of your DL and something else with your name and address on it, a utility bill, car registrarion, military ID etc. .. Email  it along with your 1583 Form.

Step 3: Receive Your Address

If all of your documentation is in order we will send you your official LionShare Virtual Office address the same day. 

Having any issues? Stop into LionShare Cowork Monday-Friday between 8am-7pm and we can help you with all your forms in person! 

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