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The LionShare
Flex Pass

Create your own membership with a mix of day passes, meeting rooms, and office space.

Step One: 

Fund your LionShare Flex Pass account with as low as $50.00 and add team members.

Step Two: 

Reserve a zoom room for your weekly call, book day passes when you know you just can't be at home, book a daily office to catch up with team members or grab something from the fridge to supercharge your day!

Step Three: 

Add more funds to your day pass when necessary. This is not a reoccurring membership. You control how much you spend. Perfect for employees who have a stipend from the company they work for, or the person who is just trying to control their overhead without breaking the bank.

How it works


Why a Flex Pass?

Have you ever heard of WaaS up? Now you have... If you top up your Flex Pass over a certain amount, we will credit your account a special workspace reward.  Check the online portal for this months WaaS reward!

Every month we will feature a WaaS with a BOGO (Buy One Get One) coupon code. Yes we are rewarding you for going to work!

Flex Pass members can also use their account to fund a Virtual Office membership. Because of Google's new rules, that you must be able to serve customers with office hours, a funded flex pass membership allows you to accept mail at our location. (Virtual Office rates apply)

A Flex Pass allows any member to monitor their expenses of WaaS. It also allows you to reserve the space you need, and not pay for services you don't. Not everyone needs to reserve a zoom room weekly or a 55 seat conference room monthly. Only pay for what you need.