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Dedicated workspaces

Our Dedicated Desk & Dens are a reserved area of your own in our Coworking Open Space. These were designed for the user or company that does not need the size or expense of an office at this time, however it has enough room, privacy and plenty of access to our amenities. All of our memberships are month to month. There is no deposit required.

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A dedicated desk membership is exactly that: a desk in a coworking space that is yours. No one else will use it while you’re gone, you can leave pictures of your dog in a sweater or your monitors behind, and you’ll always know there’s a spot waiting for you when it’s time to work. Our dedicated desks are designated to one area, so they are not interspersed with collaborative or social areas where you might be distracted. Dedicated desks are a convenient option for a wide variety of professionals. Personal preference is a huge reason people choose dedicated desks over shared desk memberships


  • If you are new to coworking, or prefer the idea of a more settled, reliable workspace, a dedicated desk might be the right option for you.  Dedicated desks solve many of the problems coworking newbies worry about as they make the leap into the shared office environment

  • The dedicated desk offers businesses one of the most inexpensive options in office space. In addition to having a private workspace, businesses get the benefit of accessing all the amenities that come with conventional office space. Our space comes staffed with a receptionist and provides businesses with a range of amenities, including access to conference rooms, common kitchen, coffee etc.

  • One of the great benefits to the dedicated desk is that it can be a place of privacy. The dedicated desk places you away from the prying eyes of coworkers, but it still allows you to partake of the advantages of belonging to a community.

  • A dedicated desk is another good way to transition into a larger space. Our membership flexibility allows businesses to easily move into larger or smaller space based on the business’s needs. For example, if you find that as a result of having to travel more that the coworking space is not a viable option, the dedicated desk makes it easy for your business to potentially transition into smaller space, a virtual office for example which is more appropriate for professionals who travel frequently. Conversely, if business picks up and you find you need to add employees, transitioning into a office is a lot easier. We make transitioning simple, by prorating or applying a previous credit to your upgrade.

  • If you have a team that works closely together throughout the day, or handles sensitive information, a private office may be the best option. For more independent roles, a cluster of dedicated desks in a collaborative area would be a good fit.


It might put your mind at ease to know there is a specific desk reserved for you to work each day, rather than having to come in and choose a free spot. A dedicated desk will also be more convenient if your business requires tools, desktop computer, printer, multiple monitors or tend to accumulate a lot of paper materials. We even provide a filing cabinet to lock up your twix bar stash or private documents. Another plus of dedicated desks is that you can nest. Personalize your workspace and make it a positive and comfortable place to spend your time: add family pictures, your favorite teas etc.