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Dedicated Desks & Dens

You don't need an office, but a place to call home. A place to leave monitors, a printer, with smoking fast internet, unlimited coffee, and some space to grind out the day.

Hybrid Desk Force

LionShare Cowork is passionate about making sure anyone and everyone can find a safe, functional, and productive environment to work from within our spaces, and our dedicated desks and dens are perfect for those looking for all the above, without the large out of pocket expense and commitment.

Dedicated Desks are your own personal 6 x 6 cubicle which includes both wired and wireless internet. Your personal desk also includes lockable storage, the ability to reserve 6 hours of meeting rooms for free, the use of our business address, mail and package reception, business signage display, and community portal access.

Need a little more space and privacy? Try a Dedicated Den instead. It has 3 walls of glass and are approximately 8 x 8 in size. It includes all the amenities of a Dedicated Desk. 

Our Dedicated Desks & Dens are Month to Month, No Contract and No Deposit.

Only Available at our LionShare Cowork Pablo Station Location

Dedicated Desks $350.00/mo.

Dedicated Dens $400/mo.

Unlike our competitors which consider a couch or a chair in an open space as coworking, we provide you with a quality solid desk, with tons of area to stretch out. You actually get a computer chair that won't bother your butt or back after an hour. 

We provide you with the freakiest fastest WIFI in North Florida. We have 5G wireless running through the entire facility, configured in a mesh design so that you will never drop your connection. We also have Gigabit Ethernet available. 

Gallery of our Shared Spaces

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