Daily Workspace

Do you need private daily workspace here and there? We have a day pass with your name on it. 

Remote Worker Utopia

LionShare Cowork is passionate about making sure anyone and everyone can find a safe, functional, and productive environment to work from within our spaces, and our day pass is the perfect ticket for those looking for all the above, without the commitment of membership.

Once you arrive on the day of your day pass, you’ll be greeted by our concierge. We’ll check your type of day pass ordered, then we’ll get you set up with coffee, water, a quick overview of the space, and anything else you need to kickstart productivity.

Need more than one? We offer a 6-Pack of day passes that expire after 60 days. Or you might want to check out our
Flex Pass membership.

Day Passes $20.00/ea.

6 Pack of Day Passes $99.00/ea.

Unlike our competitors which consider a couch or a chair in an open space as coworking, we provide you with a quality solid desk, with tons of area to stretch out. You actually get a computer chair that won't bother your butt or back after an hour. 

We provide you with the freakiest fastest WIFI in North Florida. We have 5G wireless running through the entire facility, configured in a mesh design so that you will never drop your connection. We also have Gigabit Ethernet available. 

Our huge atrium at the Harbour Village location pumps in the natural light and our filtered Keurig coffee pot stands at the ready with free bottomless coffee. There is also plenty of room in the fridge for your lunch.

Gallery of our Shared Spaces

Dedicated Desk
Dedicated Desk

Need your own desk to work form? No problem!

Coworking Space
Coworking Space

If you are tired of working from home and need a change of scenery, check out our daily coworking space!

Daily desks
Daily desks

Starting at $20

Dedicated Desk
Dedicated Desk

Need your own desk to work form? No problem!


Day Pass FAQs

Can I bring a guest?

Day passes are not to be shared. We operate under the movie theater rule, you can bring a guest or a date, however everyone needs a ticket to the show! If you purchase a package, you can always assign one of your remaining passes for your guest to use.

Can I book conference rooms?

Sure, however they need to be purchased seperately. If you purchase a conference room hour, you will need a day pass to supplement your day, if you would like to continue to use the facility before or after your scheduled meeting.

Can I use a Zoom Room?

Yes! You can use a Zoom Room for your calls. We do have a two (2) hour maximum limit. You cannot however reserve them. Only those with a flex pass membership can reserve it. And a heads up, they can boot you...

Do my day passes rollover if i dont use them?

No they don't. If you buy a 6 day pass you have 30 days to use them. The 6, 12 and monthly plans are monthly reoccurring plans. You will need to cancel prior to next billing cycle to not be charged the 1st of the month. The only plans that passes or credits do not expire are Flex Plan memberships.

Can I be on the phone in these shared desk spaces?

Of course! When you think of a shared desk space, think of a coffee shop vs a library. Everyone here spends most of their day on the phone, so we designed our space to have high ceilings with lots of white noise to ensure that you feel comfortable taking calls in the open. We also have zoom rooms and phone booths that are perfect for hopping on important calls. But of course if you are obnoxiously loud, you will get some looks. Speakphone could get you killed.