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You must provide 30 days notice for cancellation. Cancellations will not be prorated and full monthly payment is due. All personal items must be removed prior to final day. LionShare reserves the right to dispose of any personal items after that time. 


You must remove our business address from all company documentation and all digital locations and listings, including, but not limited to: Google My Business Listing, Website, Yelp, Bing, YP, Yahoo. Please notify all of your clients of your new address immediately. Any mail/packages received after your cancel date will be marked for Return to Sender or discarded unless other arrangements have been made with the client. LionShare Cowork will not be responsible for any delay or loss of mail. Any Client that continues to use the business address provided after account cancellation or for lack of payment, is subject to a daily $100 fee and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent under privacy laws in the state of Florida. Any violation of these terms or USPS laws and regulations by the Client, the client will be reported to the local Postmaster General for fraud.

By proceeding with your cancellation, you agree to these terms.

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