Stop giving out your home address to vendors and clients

Many startups and business owners use their home address as the fastest way to get a business going because the startup cost is lower. However, there are privacy and credibility concerns when you look at using your home address for your business:

  • Banks and merchant services will generally not accept a residential address as a business address for your LLC or Corporation. Normally, they’d like to see a physical street address or real office. There are some specific physical requirements to open and maintain a business bank account. 

  • A home address is not professional. With Google Maps and Google street views, everyone can easily find where your home address is located. Your address will not project a professional image when they see that your business operation is a residential home.

  • Customers can come knocking on your door. By using a home address you should be aware that customers will be able to access your location. If you receive an angry customer they may be banging on your door often and easily.

  • Depending on your type of business and your city’s zoning and HOA laws, you may not be able to even run your business out of your home/apartment/condo.

  • Did you know that your contact information filed with your LLC or Corporation is actually publicly available on the Internet? Anyone can go to your state’s Secretary of State website to search and pull up all the filed information for your LLC/Corporation. If you happen to use your home address for your business address, you have just publicly published where you live to everyone online.

  • LionShare's Virtual Office Membership can be used to receive all types of mail and packages from all couriers such as UPS and Fedex. You will not be limited to receiving mail from USPS only, like in the case of having a PO Box. 

LionShare Cowork offers a Virtual Office Membership, that includes using our commercial address for mail and package delivery.  We also include one (1) meeting room hour credit a month, a private locker for your mail storage, and the ability to display your company license and contact information. 

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