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Virtual Office/Mailbox Onboarding Form

Thank you for choosing LionShare Virtual Offices. Before you may begin using your new mailbox, there is some information we need in order to stay complaint with USPS standards. Please fill out the following form and we can get your account activated!

Applicant Contact Information

To get started we will need some basic information about you and what type of account you are needing. We offer two types of services, Personal and Business. 

ID and Address Verification

The USPS requires you to keep a copy of one form of photo ID and one form of proof of address. Typically, a Divers License and a copy of your vehicle insurance will do but they must both have the same name and address and must not be the same document.

ID Information
Upload File
Proof of Address
Upload File
Business/Organization Information

This part is not required for Residential/Personal use mailboxes. However, for our business customers, the USPS requires us to keep your basic business information on file. Please fill out the following section so we can help keep everyone complaint!

Authorized Recipient

You may authorize another person to collect mail on your behalf. This is not required but if you would like to add a recipient, the USPS requires us to collect some additional information. The authorized person will receive an email requesting this information. This information is required to be on file before they may receive mail.

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